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This site is dedicated to everyone who has and had played Paladin's Quest on the SNES. What is Paladin's Quest? It is a quest where you, Chezni, have caused the beginning of the end of the universe as we know it because a friend from the magic school dared you to enter a forbidden tower or you would forever be known as a wussy. Thus, you turned on an old technology death machine, awakened a great evil, and now must travel the land and rescue everyone and everything because you, my friend, caused it. Welcome to an RPG worth playing, even if it does have a crazy plot and you use HP for casting spells. Even one of the characters say "What's MP?"

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This site was last updated 10/29/02

Paladin's Quest is Enix and this site is not giving nor receiving money in any way to and from the company. Do NOT ask for roms, for this is just an information site and the only downloads you'll find are on my MIDI section and other sites I am not affiliated with. Site layout is Kittyanya. Any questions, please e-mail me at: maverickhunterfang@yahoo.com